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The Asia Pacific Expert Conference for Criminal Justice
(APECCJ) aims to bring together leading academic scholars,
researchers and practitioners to exchange and share their
experiences and research results on major crime and criminal
justice issues facing Asia and the Pacific region.




The 2nd Asia Pacific Expert Conference for Criminal Justice (APECCJ)

The 2nd Asia Pacific Expert Conference for Criminal Justice (APECCJ)

Promoting Human Rights in Response to Technology-Assisted Crimes: Tackling Violence against Women and Children

● Technological developments inducing changes in the criminal landscape The Korean government played a leading role across two sessions in 2019 and 2021 as a Member State of UN Human Rights Council in adopting the resolution on new and emerging technologies and human rights. The resolution advocates a holistic, inclusive, and comprehensive approach to digital technology as data science and privacy, and technological responses to the pandemic and human rights have surfaced as key issues. Technological advancements can help improve crime prevention efforts and criminal investigations, as well as induce changes in crime patterns by generating new criminal opportunities. In Korea, the “Nth Room” case of cybersex trafficking in 2019 has led to a sharp increase in public awareness and concerns over technology-assisted sexual exploitation of women and children. With new technologies and human rights emerging as important areas of interest for the international community, the conference aims to create space for the following: a) Discussing the ways in which crime trends in violence against women and children have changed in accordance with the widespread use of ICT and subsequent proliferation of online activities b) Examining specific examples of online sexual exploitation, ICT-facilitated domestic violence, and sexual offenses in the metaverse Registration: YouTube stream:

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