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KICJ Celebrates One Year of Name Change

On June 25th, KICJ celebrated one year of its name change. A commemorative ceremony was held at the Dasan Hall at KFTA Center. The event consisted of two parts, beginning with a seminar on 'new challenges and prospects of criminal justice policy research.' Speakers included Jinsu Yune, Profesor Emeritus at Seoul National University School of Law, Soon-jeong Kwon, Director of Planning & Coordination Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, Il-pyo Hong, Secretary General of the National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Jisun Kim, KICJ Senior Research Fellow. The second part of the ceremony began with commemorative speeches from former KICJ presidents Hae-chang Jeong, Il-su Kim, Sang-ok Park, Jinhwan Kim, and Insup Han, highlighting the role of KICJ as a comprehensive think-tank in the field of crime and criminal justice. Awards were given to outstanding accomplishments in publication, research, research proposal, and legal bill review.